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UNSPEAKABLE is a short film about the intricate messages that never make it into social conversation. Bianca is a portrait rabbit who confuses the description of facts with the obtuse memories of a divided Brazil.

*..Between fiction and reality, the rabbit's point of view materializes through her own vision of the facts, demonstrating her detective rhetoric in the darkness of her living room, illuminated only by the web that reveals itself under the black light, which stain your drawings on the wall. The accomplice, the short film will explore the aesthetics of a chiaroscuro baroque, the harsh light and shadow of the city's dirty poles and the stylized camera angle to create an atmosphere of reference to the classic film noir of the 40s and 50s.


FLIRT short, 2015

Flirt is an comedy experiment using the best (and the worst!) of stop-motion

  • Official Selections:
    • Images Festival (Canada)
    • Holland Animation Film Festival (Holanda)
    • Spike & Mike`s (Sick & Twisted) Festival of Animation (EUA)
    • Locomoción – Festival de Animación Experimental (México)
    • Festicine Pehuajó (Argentina)
    • 10º Festival de Cinema Latino-americano de São Paulo
    • Mostra Curta Audiovisual
    • Anim!arte
    • PANCLUB – Panorama Universitário Brasileiro
    • Cena Cine
    • Festival de Cinema de Caruaru
    • Fest Aruanda
    • V Festival de Mogi Mirim
    • NÓS – Festival de Vídeos Universitários * Prêmio de Melhor Filme pelo Júri Técnico
    • Cine Under Salvador – Festival Transterritorial de Cinema Underground de Salvador
    • Mostra Monstro
    • MOUC – Mostra de Cinema Universitário UFRGS
    • Brasília Animation Festival
    • MUMIA
    • Curta Taquary – Festival Internacional de Curta Metragem
    • FECIN Festival de TV e Cinema do Interior (ES)
    • Animaldiçoados (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro e Belém)
    • Festival Internacional de Filmes Curtíssimos (BR)



// ..** EDITING **.. \\

ANGELI THE KILLER series 2, 2021. Dir. Cesar Cabral

Angeli The Killer is a Brazilian TV series that aires at CANAL BRASIL and it is available at GLOBOPLAY, the largest VOD national service


CARNE short, 2019. Dir. Camila Kater

CARNE is a short-film officially selected to more than 250 film festivals around the globe, that has won around 85 awards.

Yhe short is available through the NYT OpDocs Platform


Bob Spit: We Do Not Like People feature, 2021

Bob Spit is a stop-motion feature directed by Cesar Cabral.

Contrechamp award @ the Annecy International Animation Festival 2021 and Best Feature @ the Ottawaw International Animations Festival 2021


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// ..*** EXPERIMENTS && RESEARCH ***.. \\



Samuel Mariani is an ANIMATOR, EDITOR AND FILM RESEARCHER, based in São Paulo, Brazil.

He has worked as editor and DOP for the short Flesh (2019 - Locarno, TIFF, OIAF, Annecy official selections, 90 awards worldwide), as assistant editor and 2nd AD for the feature Bob Spit: We Do Not Like People (Annecy Contrechamp award, OIAF 2021 - best feature award) and was lead editor and stop motion animator of the second season of the TV series Angeli The Killer (currently screening at Canal Brasil, 2021).

Samuel is also an animation critic at the Cine Festivais online portal, co-founded and directs The Brazilian Extraordinary Week of Animated Festivals (LESMA) in Campinas and teaches animation for elementary-level students at Carlitos School and at AnimaMundi Festival, both in São Paulo.


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